Cost to Install an Above Ground Pool in Orlando Yourself

This article will cover what it will cost to have an above-ground swimming pool installed if you do it yourself in Orlando.

Orlando and surrounding towns are home to a lot of above-ground pools. Unfortunately though, there aren’t many places here to buy them.

And there aren’t many installers with much experience here either.


There is one above-ground pool retailer here in Orlando and you can buy them from a couple of select Pinch-A-Pennys that offer them, but considering the 2.7 million people that live in greater Orlando, that’s not much.

Both pools bought online AND most pools bought locally usually come without a pool installer. This means people in Orlando wanting to get an above-ground swimming pool have to either find an installer or put the pool in themselves.


Not all above-ground pools are the same. Not even close, actually.

The biggest difference is between the traditional metal-walled (Wilbar, Doughboy) type and the soft-sided (Intex, Coleman, Bestway) type.

Hard (mostly metal) walled pools cost more, are harder to assemble, and last much longer. Soft-sided pools are much cheaper, are much easier to assemble, and don’t last long at all.

Soft-sided above-ground pools are famously bought at Walmart and wholesale stores like Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Costco. These stores are everywhere in and outside of Orlando.

Metal-walled above grounds are considered traditional AG pools and that is what professional installers put up.

NOTE: Above-ground pool installers typically don’t install soft-sided type pools. ONLY Metal-walled ones. I do offer a ground prep-only service for all pool types.


Although not as many people install their own pool as they did back in the 1980s when I started installing, a lot still do.

Here’s a list of what installing an above-ground pool will cost you.

1 Any tools that you don’t already have for the job ($0- $300)

Whatever you don’t have like ground tools, cordless drill, level, clamps, tape measure, etc., you will have to get. Oh and do yourself a huge favor and grind a sharp edge on at least one of your shovels.

2 Rent for a skid/steer machine or sod cutter ($75 -$275)

Some won’t need this, but if you have any grass at all, you’ll want to rent at least a sod cutter.

3 Patio stones ($15-$50)

These are used for leveling the bottom track

4 Nutgrass killer ($40-$50)

Granular type works much better than liquid

5 Sand (Optional) ($50-$500)

A seasoned Orlando installer like me will rarely elect to bring sand in. For DIYers though, it can be a viable option.

Some yards that have a lot of clay, rocks (debris), or excessive roots can be really hard to level and smooth out for a nice pool bottom. For that, bringing in one, two, or three yards of sand can solve a lot of issues.

Caution: Don’t try to use a bunch of sand to level out the yard. That will make the pool’s bottom too soft and “foot printy”. Only use enough sand to have a nice, clean layer of earth that goes next to the liner.

6 Loss of work (from your job) (That’s personal to you)

Most will install on the weekends or days off from work. But if you take any time off from work to do this and lose some wages, then yes, it’s a cost.

7 General labor ( $150 per day)

Most will recruit friends or family to help with putting up a pool. For that, it won’t cost you. Or will it? Lol

Some will have to hire some help and pay them with money.

8 Water, beer, and food ($50-$150)

This is for your “free” help.

9 Personal time off ( You decide)

Installing an above-ground pool usually isn’t easy. Some may say it’s easy but it’s not. Watching football and grilling meat is easy. Installing a pool is not, especially during the summer (which is when almost everyone decides to install a pool).

You may love doing things yourself and may have a great feeling of accomplishment when the project is complete. But, your personal time and aggravation have a cost. Jus’ Sayin’.

10 Divorce (Expensive but sometimes worth it)

Over the years, if I got a dime every time I heard someone tell me how they almost got divorced over installing an above-ground pool with their spouse, I’d have about five dollars.

I’m being funny here. I’m also being serious.


A rent a laser level ($50)

This will make the job go easier AND you’ll have a pool that’s level.

B Buy a landscaper’s rake ($60-$70)

This is a wide rake that will really help get your pool bottom flat.

C Temporary shade ($$)

If you are self-installing during the summer (And I know that you are), then shade will help you more than you think.

The 10ft square tents are popular, but I use big commercial umbrellas.

D Big patio stones to set the pump/filter on ($20)

E Stakes and bungee cords ($20)

Use these to help keep the pool wall up if it’s windy (even if it’s not windy)


Removing the sod and leveling the ground is about 50% of the overall job of installing a metal-walled pool. For a price that’s not cheap, I will do this part of the job.

Here is my ground-prep-only page. It has a price sheet on it. Take a look at it, decide it’s a lot of money, then go out and get started on your ground for the pool.

In an hour or two, you can decide whether that price is worth it to you.

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