Above Ground Pools Installation Price sheet (As of Nov. 2023)

Pool sizePriceOptionsPrice
12ft. round$850.00PVC Hard PipeIncl.
15ft. round$1000.00Main Drain (complete)$500.00
18ft. round$1100.00CASH DISCOUNT-$50.00
21ft. round$1200.00
24ft. round$1300.00
27ft. round$1500.00
28ft. round$1600.00
30ft. round$1800.00
33ft. round$2000.00
12’by24′ oval$1500.00
15’by24′ oval$1700.00
15’by30′ oval$2000.00
16’by32′ oval$2100.00
18’by33′ oval$2400.00
Ground/Site prep onlyRange $300.00 to $700.00
  • Price includes PVC hardpiping and 2 ball valves
  • The above prices are for complete installs with no hidden costs.
  • Price includes up to 12 inches of off-grade leveling.
  • Price includes quality Nut-grass killer.
  • Price includes travel to most Central Florida areas.
  • Ladder assembly is NOT included or offered.
  • Please call 407.299.0124 or look at the Installations page for a complete description of whats included in the price.