9 Professional Tips for Installing an Above Ground Pool in Orlando during the summer

Most of the over six thousand above-ground swimming pools that I have installed were done during the brutal summer months of Orlando.

Doing anything outside in Central Florida during the summer can be a challenge. And next to maybe putting on a new roof, installing an above-ground pool is among the toughest.

Why? Because the summer in Orlando is no joke.

When installing an above-ground pool in Orlando during the hot summer months, you should start very early to beat the heat, have some shade if you can, and be very aware of the potential of strong afternoon thunderstorms.


1 Brutal heat

Coming from a guy who has worked outside for most of his adult working life, I can say that no matter who you are, it’s uncomfortably hot outside when hot in Orlando.

I have been outside in Phoenix, Arizona when it was about 112 degrees Fahrenheit and that was hot. I remember walking there and being in a semi-panic to find some shade. That was intense direct heat.

Orlando rarely gets over 100°F, but we have something that the low desert doesn’t have. Humidity! And adding high humidity to temperatures of the mid-nineties will zap you of energy and block your ability to think well.

This is not to say areas of Texas(and other states) don’t get it as bad as Orlando does, but it’s about as bad as it gets when having to do hard work AND think about it what you are doing.

2 Afternoon thunderstorms

Afternoon thunderstorms are somewhat unique to Central Florida. They occur because the sun heats up the earth and causes a temperature difference with the sky.

Temperature differences cause wind, so the wind forms from the Gulf of Mexico
and starts moving inland. At the same time, wind forms over the Atlantic Ocean (other side of the state) and it starts moving inland.

When these two breezes meet, they can make some very nasty thunderstorms. And the battleground where these sea breezes collide is often over the Orlando area.

And don’t be fooled by the name “thunderstorms”. There can be plenty of lightning with these storms, which is fun(sarcasm for scary) when working outside on a pool.


One of the most challenging stages of installing an above-ground swimming pool is rolling out and securing the pool’s wall. And until the pool is nearly completed, the wall is vulnerable to falling down.

I have some very good, tried and true techniques for keeping the pool wall secured while finishing the inside so we can get the liner in and then complete the frame assembly. But there isn’t anything that you can do if one of these afternoon storms comes. Its wind will BLOW THE WALL DOWN REGARDLESS!

And depending on where you are at with the installation, the wall blowing down can be catastrophic.


Central Florida is hot, but when does “hot” start and end? The answer is different every single year. For me, the summer season starts when temperatures consistently hit 90°F and above.

Temps in O-Town can hit 90 as early as late April and last almost daily as long as into October. Usually though, most summers will start in early May and last into late September.

We get wind in spring (which brings its own issues) but it goes away when it starts getting very hot.

So, if it’s over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s a relative humidity of about 80, and you’ve noticed that it rains angrily every early/mid-afternoon for about twenty minutes, then it’s summer in Orlando.


1 Start early in the morning

I call it “beating the heat” and “heating up with the earth”.

Starting nice and early can be the difference between getting the job done quick and spending days on it. Remember that the most intense sun is between 10 am and 2 pm.

Also, know that those afternoon storms can come as early as between noon and 1 pm, so having as many hours before that happens can be key.

2 Rent a sod cutter

Grass must be removed to successfully and properly install an above-ground pool. Period. Removing the grass with just a shovel is tough in any temperature. During the summer heat/humidity though, it’s pure torture.

Do yourself the best favor ever. Rent a sod cutter. If you’re not sure that it’s worth it, then get started with busting that sod out of your pool site with only a shovel.

After 20 minutes and removing about two square feet of grass, you’ll realize that this is sage advice.

3 Have some shade

If you have some shady-type trees (like oaks) nearby, then that is good. If not, get an umbrella or something so you have a refuge from the direct sun.

And when you feel overheated, get under that shade and stay there as long as it takes.

4 Wear a hat

Don’t underestimate the value of shading your head. A hat can make all the difference in the world. Believe me. I’ve had new help not bring a hat to work and nearly fall out after just a few hours in direct sunlight.

5 Divide the project into two stages – Groundwork and pool assembly

Doing the groundwork for installing an above-ground pool is half of the overall job. Treat it as such.

Thinking you’re just gonna knock out the grass removal and ground leveling and then get to installing the pool is the wrong way to go. Respect that ground prep by considering it a job all by itself.

Earn the right to assemble the actual pool by first completing the big job of getting the ground ready. “This is the way”. (Mandalorian proverb)

6 Have as many people help you roll the pool wall in position as you can get

Getting the wall in the track and keeping it there will be a special challenge. Having extra hands will make things much easier.

6A Don’t mix alcohol consumption with rolling out and securing the wall.

You may have to understand this the hard way. lol

7 If you can, roll the wall out during the morning hours

I know this will mean that your installation is going to take at least two days. But if you roll the wall out on day one and it’s around noontime, then you are at risk of dealing with an Orlando afternoon thunderstorm before you can get the wall fully secured. And that can be bad.

8 Take plenty of breaks and drink plenty of water

Sure, sure. You already know this. Everybody knows this.

The problem here is that installing an above-ground pool takes more thinking than you think. lol. And when you are thinking, you may not be taking breaks or drinking enough water. Don’t make me say “I told you so”.

9 Be patient and take it easy

Intense heat and high humidity will limit your patience and energy for handling things not going well. Knowing this going in may help keep your marriage.

I don’t know your expectations, but know also that these above-ground swimming pools are NOT SWISS WATCHES! Don’t try to be too much of a perfectionist because these kits won’t stand for that.

Do as good a job as you can with this project, but get it together and get it done. At some point, you’re going to arrive at this attitude. You’ll have no choice.

My Orlando installation price sheet

Site prep-only price sheet for Orlando

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