Central Florida above ground pools and Installations

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This site gives information on installing above ground swimming pools in the Central Florida area. We provide how to guidance along with an installation price sheet for a professional installation. We also have some information on replacing a liner in an existing pool and a Liner change price sheet

Greater Orlando and some surrounding counties make up the second largest swimming pool market in the country. This area is known for its huge amount of pools of all types especially the inground concrete type. It's interesting to note that for every concrete swimming pool you see there are two above grounds. That's right. Two above ground pools for every one concrete inground. There are several types, makes, and sizes of above grounds available for purchase both locally here in Central Florida and on the internet and the choices can make your head spin a little. Here is a list of pools and options that I recommend.

The different types of above ground pools.

There are round and oval above grounds that have steel, aluminum, and wood walls. Above ground pools also come with steel, aluminum, and resin/plastic top rails and or uprights, and sometimes have resin bottom and top tracks. Finally, there are a few options with the pools that make them different. I'll give a brief description of each.