Orlando Above Ground Pool Installations Near Me

In the fifty-plus years that I have lived in Orlando, there has always been a boom in population. This has always resulted in more and more above-ground swimming pools being installed here.

As the number one tourist destination in all of the world and with a beautiful (but hot summer) climate, swimming pools in Orlando are quite plentiful. And although above-ground-type pools are more common in the North, there are tens of thousands of them in Central Florida.

Installing an above-ground pool in the greater Orlando area is usually a straightforward process. The ground here is mostly sand-based, most of the area is high and dry, and most yards are big enough to hold whatever size pool the homeowner wants.


It’s hard to believe that there have never been a lot of above-ground installers based out of Orlando. With this being the biggest city in Central Florida, you would think there would be at least a few installers living here. There aren’t.

As far as I know, writing this ( October 2022), I am the only above-ground installer based out of Orlando.

In this business, installers come and go quickly. This is because it’s a seasonal business, hard work in very hot sun, and takes more than a few years to truly learn enough to not be making pricey mistakes.

There are always a couple of installers available that live somewhere outside of Orlando, but always only two or three.

Many living in Orlando or near it will think it will be easy to find a pool installer. Some will find one person easily, but when they look for even one other person who does it full-time (not a handyman), they cannot.

This is why people living in Orlando doing a Google search for pool installers “near me” won’t find much of anyone real.


The Orlando area stretches west from Clermont, east to Oviedo, south to Kissimmee, and north to Sanford. So, this is a big area with a lot of residents.

You can do the math yourself that with only two or three above-ground pool installers servicing this area during the summer, they can get backed up.

There have been some summers when I have been booked six weeks out.

As an experienced pool installer in Florida, I will only install one above-ground pool per day. I have attempted to install more than one, but that was a couple of decades ago when I was younger and dumber.

Summer weather in Orlando leaves you with a daily threat of an afternoon thunderstorm. If the pool isn’t 90 percent done before one of those storms comes, then there can be big trouble.

So, on a good summer week, I will install six or seven pools maximum. This doesn’t get many done when hundreds are contacting me for an installation.


Most people don’t act on getting a pool until it gets hot outside. If that is you, then know that you are acting like most others and it might take a while to get this thing you bought that only takes one day to install.

If you can somehow get your pool installed between October and February, then the install can get scheduled quickly and the pool can be installed in nice weather instead of during brutal levels of heat and humidity.

Installing an above-ground pool is a tough job (to do correctly), but when it’s pleasant out, the job gets easier. This usually equates to getting a better install.


1 There is an average occurrence of nutgrass

If you’ve never heard of nutgrass, that’s ok. Most haven’t.
Nutgrass is a type of grass that can grow through just about anything not solid. It can grow through liner pads, Visqueen, weed block, and even black asphalt. And yes, it will grow through a pool’s liner like it’s not even there.

In Orlando and surrounding towns, nutgrass can be in any yard. I put down a quality GRANULAR nutgrass killer with every installation and you should apply it to your pool’s bottom too.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that a chemical or pad material will stop nutgrass 100% of the time.

2 Yard sizes in Orlando vary

Most yards in Orlando are big enough to accommodate a bigger sized above ground pool, but not all

The newer neighborhoods can have smaller lots which will limit the size pool that you can get.

3 The ground is mostly sand-based

Some think you have to have a hard base for an above-ground swimming pool. You do not.

Having sand-based earth is usually a good thing as it’s easy to dig and level. Most of the yards in Orlando will be mainly sand-based. Some are not though if the lot was built-up higher and clay or soil was used.

4 The ground is usually high and dry.

Orlando areas have nice and dry earth for installing an above-ground pool. This is good because the ground has to be dry in order to make a nice flat pool bottom.

As you travel east of Orlando though, the ground can get and stay wet. Areas east of Conway, Azalea Park, and Goldenrod can have some groundwater issues.

If you have water standing in the yard for a day or two after a hard rain, then your yard may be too wet to install a pool on. Even if you don’t see any water but make a “squishy” sound when you walk in the yard, it’s most likely too wet and you’ll have to wait for it to dry up.

So, if you are in areas East of Orlando like Oviedo, Geneva, Chuluota, and Bithlo, you may want to check the wetness conditions of your yard.

5 There are some overhead power lines, but fewer since the hurricanes of 2004

Most people don’t get permits, but even if you don’t, consider if you have any overhead power lines running near where you want a pool.

Code wants your pool to be at least 10 feet back from any overhead power line.

Orlando had a lot more overhead power, but since 2004 when we got four hurricanes (including Charlie), the power companies have been replacing them with buried electrical lines.

6 Orlando has different types of fencing

If you are having your above-ground pool professionally installed by someone with a machine (like me), then that machine will need access to the yard. Check your gate to measure its width. Some equipment will need a double gate.

My machine is 48″ wide, so to give you an example, I would need a width of 4.5ft of access. Most walk-through-only gates are 36″.

If wider access is needed, then a portion of your fence will have to temporarily come off. With a wood-type fence, this is often an easy thing to do. Vinyl fences don’t come apart easily, so if you have vinyl, then this can be an issue.

Orlando homes have a mix of mostly wood fencing, vinyl, and some chain link fencing. Usually, an installer can gain access to your yard fairly easily with wood-type.

If you have vinyl though and need wider access, then you may have to hire a fence guy to do the temporary removal.

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