Above Ground Pool Installation Titusville

There are more than a few above-ground pools in Titusville. As a much less expensive alternative to an inground pool, above grounds become more popular as you get closer to the coast.

Installing an above-ground pool in Titusville is usually a trouble-free job. The earth is fairly flat, the grass is often thinner Bahia-type, and yards are usually big enough to put a bigger pool in it. What the ground is made of can vary in Titusville, but it’s mostly sand-based.


1 Yards are usually big enough

Although Titusville is currently experiencing a growth spurt, most of Titusville is established. This means that most yards are bigger.

This is a good thing for those wanting a bigger pool.

2 Titusville has some overhead power lines

Most don’t get a permit for an above-ground pool. But even if you don’t, you want your pool to stay away from any overhead lines if you can avoid them.

Older areas will have overhead power and this can be an issue if they are running through the middle of the yard.

By code, your pool should be at least 10 feet away from any overhead line. Sometimes this isn’t possible though and people install the pool anyway with no issues.

3 There is some nutgrass in Titusville

Usually, it’s almost impossible to tell if your yard has nutgrass since it blends in with other grass types very well.

Not all yards in Titusville will have it. It doesn’t like to grow in coquina (crushed shells) but still can.

Make sure to use a granular nutgrass killer and ground pad when installing a pool.

4 There are different kinds of fencing

If you are using an installer with a machine (like me) or are renting a machine for a DIY install, you may need wider access than what your gate is.

Titusville has a variety of fence types. Older homes can have chain-link type, which is great and lasts forever, but may have too small of a gate to get a machine in.

With chain-link, you have to take it apart and get the top pole off in order to make a bigger space to get through. This is sometimes easy and sometimes hard to do.

Wood-type fencing is easiest as you just have to take down a section (as long as there is enough room.

Vinyl fencing has become more popular with newer homes. Taking a vinyl fence apart is problematic, so if your gate isn’t wide enough, then you may have to get a fence guy to temporarily take it apart.

To give you an example, my skid/steer machine is 48” (four feet) wide, so I need at least 4.5 ft wide access to the yard.

5 The earth type varies near the coast

In areas like Cocoa, Merritt Island, NSB, Cocoa beach, PSJ, and Titusville, the earth can be made up of three things.

Most areas will be mostly sand-based, which is best for installing a pool, but some will have soil mixed with clay, and some will have coquina (crushed shell).

If your yard has too much coquina in the earth, you may have to add a layer of sand to make the bottom nice and smooth.

I use a machine to install pools, so in most cases, I can dig down and find good clean earth to use, but not always.

6 Titusville is usually high and dry

Some areas between the east coast the Orlando are very wet. Fortunately for Titusville, the ground stays dry in most areas.

An above-ground pool needs dry earth for making a proper and flat pool bottom.

7 This area is mostly flat

Swimming pools have to be installed very level. And since it fills with water, you will be able to tell how level it is by the waterline.

Yards with slopes will need a lot of grading to make the pool site perfectly level. This can cost more to you if having it installed OR can be much more work for you, the DIYer.

Titusville is mostly flat, so chances are your installation won’t be as hard.

8 There aren’t many above-ground pool installers available

On the east coast of Central Florida, there aren’t many AG pool installers. I base out of Orlando and do go to Titusville, but a few of the other installers will not (at least during the busy summer season).

If looking for an installer, you’ll have to see if there is someone from Orlando (like me), the Daytona area, or Melbourne.

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