Above Ground Pool Installation Deltona

Deltona is a very big neighborhood with a lot of above-ground swimming pools. I can’t say how many pools I’ve installed there over 36 years, but it’s a lot.

Installing an above-ground pool in Deltona can be easier as the earth is mainly sand-based. There can be some sloped yards though in this area of Volusia county, so expect some extra grading/leveling.


1 The earth is very sandy

Of all the areas around Orlando, Deltona has the loosest sand-based earth.

This is a good thing when installing a pool on top of the ground because removing the grass is easier and digging the ground is easier as it’s soft.

2 Yards can be sloped

An above-ground pool has to be put up on very level ground. This means that if your yard is off-level a lot or sloped, then extra digging will have to be done.

The good news here is that in Deltona, the ground is usually very soft, which makes leveling easy compared to areas that have hard earth.

3 There can be a lot of nutgrass

Nutgrass is an enemy to above-ground pools. This is because it can grow right through the pool’s liner. Deltona and surrounding areas like Orange City, Debary, and Osteen can have an above-average amount of nutgrass.

When installing in Deltona, I always use some extra granular nutgrass killer and recommend a liner guard to help protect the liner from future damage.

4 Grass doesn’t grow great in sandy soil

Most homes in Deltona won’t have that super thick st Augustine grass in the yard. This is good when installing a pool because all the grass and its root mass(sod) have to be removed from the pool site.

Since grass doesn’t grow very densely in sandy soil, removing the grass in this area is usually less of a job.

5 Deltona has a mostly wood fencing

If you are hiring a guy like me to install your pool, then I need access to your yard for my machine. If your gate isn’t wide enough and you have wood fencing, then a section can be usually easily taken down temporarily.

Some of the newer homes in the Deltona area will have vinyl fencing. This is not as good since it’s hard to take a section of it down.

NOTE: My machine needs at least 4.5ft wide access to the pool site.

6 Deltona is mostly very high and dry

Other areas around Orlando can have issues with the ground being wet at certain times a year. Not Deltona though. It’s very high and dry there.

This is because this area of Volusia county has a slightly higher elevation AND the sand-based earth doesn’t hold moisture well at all.

So, unless you are next to one of the lakes of Deltona, your yard should be nice and dry for installing a pool on.

7 Most lots are big enough

As Orlando has grown, the neighborhood home lots have gotten smaller. This hasn’t happened too much in Deltona as its a big area and the lots have been plotted years ago(even if a house was never built on it)

Most then in this area have enough of a yard to get the size pool that they want.

8 You may have a septic tank

You cannot install an above-ground pool on or too near to a septic tank OR its drain field.

If you have a septic tank (your water bill is cheap), then it’s a good idea to locate it before deciding on a pool. It may be in the way of where you want a pool.

9 If considering semi-inground, you may have to fortify your backfill

It’s very common now for people to sink an above-ground pool partially in the ground. This will require backfilling(putting earth back around the full, completed pool) or building a retaining wall.

When the earth is very loose and sandy (like in Deltona) the backfill needs to be firmed up by sprinkling in some dry concrete.


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